To profit from your membership by receiving emails related to the field EACE stand for you have to do the following:

How to become a member of the ACM SIGCHI community EACE

1. If you have an ACM web account and password, skip 2 and go to 3

2. If you do not have an ACM web account go to
or copy and paste the link in your browser

Type in your email address, and hit “continue”

Type in the indicated slots:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Password (between 6 and 26 characters in length and not containing spaces) twice
  • A question that will help you later if you forgot your password
  • An answer to that question that you will literally remember
You will receive a username and an email will be send to you to confirm this.
Clicking on the verification link in the message will enable you to use your ACM Web account any time you return to our site.

Now, continue with 3.

3. Open in your browser and click on EACE
Log in with your ACM web account and password (if the login fails this is a known system bug; you get an error page: just login in here again).

Now choose the community European Association for Cognitive Ergonomics, and join:

  • As a member if you are an ACM SIGCHI member
  • Otherwise, as an associate member

Let me know if you need help if you don't succeed to register.

The registration for the ACM SIGCHI EACE community is free but your membership for EACE has to be paid to the treasurer of EACE

Kind regards,
Elly Lammers
EACE membership officer