The European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics (EACE) aims to promotes the field of cognitive ergonomics for academics and applied scientists. In this tradition, the EACE is responsible to supervise the organization of annual European Conference of Cognitive Ergonomics. In addition to establishing the conference, the EACE offers participants a large network of cognitive engineers and the EACE frequently updates its members about related conferences, workshops, and special issues.

ECCE 2016 - Simulation, visualisation and digital technologies

6-8 September 2016
The University of Nottingham, UK
Doctoral Consortium on Monday 5 September 2016

ECCE 2016

ECCE 2016 is the 34th annual conference of the European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics. This leading conference in cognitive ergonomicshuman technology interaction and cognitive engineering provides the opportunity for both researchers and practitioners to exchange new ideas and practical experiences from a variety of domains.

The main theme of ECCE 2016 is simulation, visualisation and digital technologies.  We invite papers from researchers and practitioners which address the broad spectrum of ergonomics challenges and opportunities in this area.

ECCE 2016 seeks to encourage dialogue and discussion among participants about the main theme as well as general topics of this conference series. Submissions in the form of long papers, short papers, and posters are invited. The authors of selected papers will be invited to contribute to a special issue of a relevant Journal.  The conference will also include a Doctoral Consortium. Proposals for panel sessions are invited.

The conference will take place from 6th - 8th September 2016 at the NCTL Learning and Conference Centre, which is on The University of Nottingham's Jubilee campus. Go to conference website